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Rewiring a house can be a real task if you are not sure what to do when and where. For starters, not everyone knows about wires and what the significance of the red and green wires is. There is a reason professionals are involved in such a task.
One can handle simple electrical works like changing the bulb, checking and changing the fuse and even change the socket from a small amp to higher amp. However, a home owner’s DIY tasks stop here.
When you give your house a makeover or realize your home is in dire need of rewiring, it is always best to bring in experienced professionals who will not only know what they are doing but will also be able to provide you with cheap solutions. Budget is always a sore spot for any homeowner and more often than not, such makeovers exceed the set budget.
We as a company take pride in the fact that we can identify and rectify electrical problems in no time. If you have an electrical issue at home, all you will have to do is pick up the phone and call us. One of our experts will be there to assess the situation and give you a feedback on the electrical wirings of the house and where the possible problem could be. After more analysis and team discussions, we will be able to give you the exact location of the problem and the possible solutions to it.
Yes, you read that right, solutions. We do not offer just one solution. We understand as a homeowner you would like to make your decision, for which you need a choice. We will give you possible choices along with its pros and cons and allow you to decide based on your requirements.
If something is absolutely necessary or something has to be changed for your safety, we do not hesitate to do it right away. You can pay us for the work done and we can continue with other discussions later. This means even if your entire rewiring order is not given to us, we are ready to put your safety first and do the necessary changes for a small fee.
Give us a call and let us see how we can make your home a better and safer place for you and your family.


Technology changes and improvements

Do You Need To Rewire Your House?

Home is where the heart is, but the home has to be well taken care of for it to be safe and comfortable to live in. just because you are used to a place for the last few decades, one cannot afford to continue living that way. As the times change, technology changes and improvements happen, one has to adapt to all this and bring in these changes in their house too.
One may feel changing many things around the house are a waste of money. Simply because they are used the current way of living and a new technological addition or a gadget to add convenience may not really matter.

Make Some Limited Changes

So what are the limited changes you can make around the house to give it a good makeover, at the same time not spend too much on it? The key to this is to target the essentials first. If needed and if budget permits, one can extend these makeovers and consider other items.


One of the basic needs is electricity. As time passes by the wires get old and are not very reliable. We keep adding gadgets to the house as they are introduced in the market. We may not realize this but if you look around your house your house you are bound to find a handful of gadgets and equipment added since the day you moved in.


So, you have added more power consuming gadgets; have to do anything about the wiring? No, none of us do. Though the electrical lines are built to take such additional loads, they may not be able to withhold forever.


Rewiring a house is not a simple task but is an essential task. Especially if you have been experiencing power fluctuations and require extra fittings to use some of the modern equipment around the house. .


Your new toaster, oven or even the new light fittings may require an extra power supply or a different type of wiring. Your electrician may have found a way around it and helped you continue using it in your current situation, but this cannot go on.

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Consider rewiring


Rewiring may seem to a big step but when you involve the experts like TradesmenPrices.co.uk, everything is taken care of professionally, leaving you with nothing to worry about.
Still wondering if you should go ahead and rewire? Here are a few signs that you must definitely consider rewiring:

Frequent Tripping – If your fuses blow or breakers trip frequently, it is because they are not able to support the load. You may be using more electrical gadgets than your wiring can support. Doing this, in the long run, is not safe.
Over Fused Electrical Panel – As you increase the electrical load or use new equipment, you will have to increase the amp for that panel. If your electrical panels are over-amped, it is a warning sign that you have increased the load on them and new panels have to be fit in.
Flickering Lights – If you notice the lights flickering or dimming constantly, or if your lights are not as bright as your neighbor’s it is a sign that either your circuits are overloaded and your wiring is not able to supply enough power to all fittings, or there is a loose connection somewhere.
Discoloring – If you notice your plugs or cords are getting hot very quickly or are discolored, it means more power is supplied than what it can support. This is a sure sign for the need of rewiring as it may result in a fire accident.
Bulbs Burn Out – Did you change the bulb recently but it has burnt out already? This could mean the fittings are unable to support the increased wattage requirement by the bulb. When the right amount of power is not supplied, the bulbs fuse or burn out.
Sparks – If you notice sparks when you use a switch, it could mean the panel is unable to support all that is connected to it or the wiring is old.
Sounds – If you hear a buzzing or a sizzling sound every time you use a particular panel or fittings, it means that particular panel needs to be attended to. This could be an indication of the wiring burning out slowly on the inside.